2024 Club Registration TOTS (Taste of the Stage)


Sun 19 May 2024 10:00AM — 12:30PM

Event information

Registrations for this event are not currently available.


To provide an opportunity for Sub Junior teams to experience a taste of the stage prior to their first competition and to experience the fun and excitement of performing with their team. Taste of the Stage is also a fantastic introduction for new families to the Swan Park Theatre, our home of Calisthenics in WA. 



  • Teams wear training leotard only (black if possible). If performing aesthetic, teams to wear a training skirt over training leotard.
  • Hair tied in a neat bun. No wiglet, makeup, lipstick, eyelashes or glitter. Please prepare hair prior to arrival as preparation time will be minimal prior to start time.
  • Girls are encouraged to wear a scrunchie, ribbon or headband in club colours to assist coaches/ team managers and marshals.



  • Teams may perform any three items of choice.
  • House and back curtain may be used.
  • Standard lights only – no special lighting, effects or blackouts.
  • It is expected that items may not be complete or the team may require assistance. Coaches may stand at the side or front or walk around the team whilst performing to give the team more stage time. The aim is for the girls to have a positive experience on the stage. 
  • Music to be uploaded backstage prior to the start of the concert.



  • Arrival time 9am and the Kiosk will be open. Start time 10am sharp until approximately 12.30 pm. Coaches and cadets are encouraged to arrive well before their teams to assist in orientation. Arrival time for coaches and dressing room allocations will be sent prior to the event. 
  • Stage Manager will introduce the concert objective and items will follow.
  • We encourage teams to sit in the auditorium between items so they are able to learn ‘audience etiquette’ including watching attentively and applauding each item.
  • At conclusion of items, teams will be presented on stage in Clubs. 
  • Theatre tour. We encourage coaches at this point to accompany their team on a tour throughout the theatre including dressing rooms, toilets, training room and foyer so they may be more familiar and confident on their next visit.



  • Entry is open to all Sub Junior age teams.
  • Team entries are due by Wednesday 8th of May, 2023. 


Click Register to register your clubs attendance.

  • Programme order will be scheduled and issued by email.
  • Participant fee will be $4.00 per team member. Teams will be presented with a small acknowledgement on stage at the conclusion of the afternoon 
  • By registering your team, an invoice will be generated, which must be paid promptly.  Please forward the email to your club treasurer.