Graceful Solos

What is a Graceful?

A Calisthenics Graceful is performed to a flowing piece of music, similar to aesthetics music. Each girl works to interpret the music through graceful flowing movements, feeling and softness demonstrated through body  movements and facial expressions. Points are awarded for:

  Personal Presentation (10)

  Grace and Poise (20)

  Flexibility (10)

  Expression and Interpretation (10)

  Dance Variety and Technique (10)

  Musical Choice and Choreography (10)

  Execution and Aesthetic Value (30)

  TOTAL (100)


To be eligible to perform a graceful, girls must be turning 10 years of age the year they begin or older. Gracefuls are a wonderful item that allows girls to consolidate the skills they learn within a calisthenics team environment and to develop new skills.

Finding a Coach
If your daughter would like to do a graceful, parents should take the initiative and approach a coach as soon as possible. If you are unable find a coach please contact Hayley Britton via email at and they can assist you where possible. Applecross is keen to offer this unique experience to as many girls as possible. 

Coaching Costs
Applecross Calisthenics Club has set the Graceful Coaching fee at $100. However, this should be discussed with each individual coach. Payment is due to your coach before competitions begin at your convenience.

Hall Hire
Parents need to liaise with their daughter’s coach to assist in the booking of an appropriate hall. Hall fees are the direct responsibility of each girl as Gracefuls are run independently of the club. Please ask your coach how much the hall costs. 

Within our association and club there are plenty of costumes available for hire ranging from $50 to $100. If you are interested please ask your coach to send you in the right direction. If you intend on hiring, good costumes go quickly so plan ahead and get in early. Whether hiring or making, your coach should be involved in the process. Please visit the WA Calisthenics Costumes for Hire Facebook page for more costume information.

Hair & Make Up
Hair is an important part of overall graceful girl presentation. Club makeup may be used by your coach at a cost of $5 per girl for performance. This is to be handed to your coach in a clearly labelled envelope. Other things to organise would be eyelashes and lipstick.

Competitions for Gracefuls are held in early April (Hills District Graceful Comp) and May (CAWA State Championships). More exact dates become available in March each year and are available on the CAWA website. Girls compete in age groups.

Entry Forms
Entry forms for the Hills District Graceful Comp and CAWA Graceful Comp will be available through the CAWA website. Each parent is responsible for entering their daughter before the closing date. Please note that all club fees need to be up to date as entries are cross referenced with the club. Entries are not the responsibility of the club or coach.

Training Expectations
Gracefuls are a complex item and girls are expected to put in at least 20 minutes practice, 3 times a week to master the skills within a graceful. Coaches often outline specific skills for their girls to focus on each week, making home training sessions more effective. To get the full benefit of a training session it is recommended that girls arrive 20 -30 minutes prior to their start time to stretch and prepare. Training will usually commence in January and the final competition will be in May.

Gracefuls & Cali Skills
Girls who may wish to be considered for selection as a National Graceful Girl performer require a specific level of Cali skills. If you require more information on this please approach Hayley or Fiona.

Applecross Calisthenics Club encourages all girls to be involved in Gracefuls.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Hayley on