Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When and where is the Eisteddfod being held?

A. 11-13 October 2024 at Swan Park Theatre, Western Australia.


Q. How many trio sections will there be?

A. This is all depending on interest for trios in 2024 and the ages of those who register.


Q. Is there an EOI process this year?

A. No


Q. Will it be open to all clubs?

A. Yes


Q. How many items per solo section?

A. We are aiming for 20 per solo section, depending on interest some may have more and some may have less. We only have the theatre for 2 days and 1 evening so there’s a maximum number of performers we can fit into this time.


Q. I competed in AE23, will I get first preference?

A. All participants of the previous Eisteddfod will get early access to registration, this is open for 2 days prior to the general public, this year that will be 20 July for priority solo registration. 


Q. Is it first in best dressed? What if more than 20 apply for a section?

A. Yes, the first 20 who complete registration will have a place in the competition. Depending on interest we may have more or less in some sections.


Q. Does it cost to register?

A. Yes, it is $40 to enter the Eisteddfod for Solos, and $75 for a Trio ($25 per person).


Q. Do I have to do a separate registration for my two children?

A. Yes! Each performer requires a separate registration.


Q. Will there be a Masters section?

A. If there is enough interest for Masters section (26 Years and over) absolutely!


Q. What is the youngest age group?

A. 6 Years and under.


Q. Will there be divisions?

A. No, just different sections per age.


Q. Can you do a different solo to state champs?

A. Yes.


Q. Will there be 3 judges? And crits?

A. Yes and yes.


Q. Can people from another state enter?

A. Yes.


Q. Will there be merchandise?

A. Yes, a few bits and pieces.


Q. Will there be medals or prizes?

A. That’s a secret!


Q. Can I have a DLP?

A. Yes.


Q. Wil coaches submit lighting sheets to be programmed ahead of time?

A. Coaches will be advised closer to the time.


Q. Will there be a professional videographer?

A. No, but you’re welcome to film your own performance.


Q. Do you have to do a CAWA solo to participate?

A. While we encourage both, no you don’t have to.


Q. Will there be rankings on crits?

A. We will be following the same competition protocol as CAWA so no rankings.


Q. How many different senior age groups will there be?

A. Like AE22 and AE23, there will likely be a 18/19 Years section and a 20+ Section, dependant on registration numbers.


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