Cali Skills

The Calisthenics Skills Program is designed to allow girls to develop fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, rhythm and musicality. It encourages correct deportment and poise and at the same time promotes self-esteem and self-discipline.

Within the Calisthenics Skills Program pupils are examined on a test or a grade suitable to their age and ability. Girls work in cooperation with their friends and coach to learn the set syllabus. 

Applecross Calisthenics Skills Classes will be held for an hour after each regular team class in term 4.

Please note - Attendance at a CAWA prep class (except Test 1 and 2) is compulsory and part of the rules governing the CAWA Calisthenics Skills Program. You will be notified of this date.

Which one should my daughter do?:

TEST OR GRADE MINIMUM AGE FOR APPLICANT (by 31st December in the year of the exam)
Test 1 7 years
Test 2 7 years
Test 3 9 years
Grade 1 11 years
Grade 2 13 years
Grade 3 14 years
Grade 4 15 years

Girls looking to participate in the Cadet Coaching Program need to be actively participating in calisthenics skills and have achieved Grade 1 prior to commencing as a Class Assistant and Grade 2 to be a Cadet. 
For girls wishing to participate in the Graceful Girl Competition or Solo/ Duos at a National Level they must have attained specific levels within Calisthenics Skills.

Cost (2022)**: 

Test 1 $24.40 $70 $94.40
Test 2 $24.40 $80 $104.40
Test 3 $53.60 $80 $133.60
Grade 1 $53.60 $80 $133.60
Grade 2 $61.70 $90 $151.70
Grade 3 $61.70 $90 $151.70
Grade 4 $61.70 $90 $151.70

**2023 costs will be advised here once CAWA has updated their amounts.

STEP 1 -  Complete the Enrolment Form that your daughter will receive from class.

2022 Cali Skills Exam Application Form.doc (
ALL FORMS ARE DUE TO Team Managers by Monday 12th SEPTEMBER.  

STEP 2 – An invoice will be sent to you for the cost of 2022 Calisthenics Skills.

STEP 3 - Following receipt of your application form, your daughter will be emailed a copy of the syllabus and will be given details of how to access the digital media online through the Calisthenics Federation Website. It is an expectation that all girls will have viewed their test /or grade on line and are familiar with the content before attending our club prep classes. At the prep classes, girls train with others in the same test or grade and progress through the syllabus. Girls will find it difficult if they have not put the time in at home.

Dates for specific tests/grades will be set by CAWA once all forms are received. Girls will attend only one day. Usual dates are late November in to early December (weekends).

Girls will be allocated an exam date and time at their prep class or through our club coordinator.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to approach your daughter’s coach or email Hayley at